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The Water Pipe (sheesha, hookah) consists of four parts, the bottom part is made of glass where the water is contained. This part is connected to a brass (sometimes stainless steel) figure top which is the "the heart " of the sheesha, this part, the regulator, takes the smoke from the tobacco when the person inhales from the "lai" (the flexible tube which end by mouthpiece). The whole apparatus, made of a variety of materials, which might be glass, brass, gold, silver, wood or cane, is richly decorated.


The 32" Syrian Premium Hookah with Marble
Premium hookah

The 24" Silver Hookah
Silver hookah 24

The Syrian Red Hookah
Syrian Red Hookah

The 28" Red Dragon Hookah
Red Dragon Hookah

Shisha tobacco is the sheesha tobacco blend smoked through a hookah pipe. This smoking blend consists of molasses, tobacco and fruit. This sheesha tobacco mixture is very wet, and as a result it must be smoked using a hookah charcoal.

Al-Fakher Sheesha Tobacco

Al-Fakher Shisha tobacco

Al Fakher is a premium shisha brand in Middle East,it is considered the most flavorful brand available on the market.

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Shisha Tobacco Nakhla

Nakhla Shisha tobacco

The perfect amount of Nakhla shisha Molasses and variety to get started your smoking experience.

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Most of our hookahs water pipes are imported from the heart of Syrian and Egypt. All hookahs are very genuine and designed to last a lifetime.

Complete Packages

Save money and buy these packages. Each package comes complete with a hooka, tobacco, charcoal and other hookah supplies. These packages make wonderful gifts for anyone who is new to the world of sheesha smoking or someone who simply wants to get it all.

Rotating Hookah Package
Rotating  Calian

If you take pleasure lots of company while puffing on the hose of your favorite kalyan, then the Rotating Hookah Package is your choice. It's everything you need to get rolling, with the added comfort of a tangle-free, smooth sailing, rotating hookah.

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Premium Hooka Package
Premium hangila

Welcome to the top of all hooka packages.

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Shisha news

Ban on Shisha Smoking Cafes Goes into Effect in Ajman, UAE

The ban on hookah smoking cafes in living areas in Ajman went into effect. The last law also bans shisha smoking in all public areas.
Ajman authorities has begun implenting the ban and shisha smoking cafe owners have been asked to comply with the law and take necessary actions to ensure the ban is complied with.
Yahay Al Reyaysa, Head of the Trade License Department, said the new law issued by the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, prohibited the operation of coffee shops serving shisha and hookahs and smoking in residential areas.
"The new law also bans smoking in public areas," he said.
The civic body has stopped issuing commercial licences to new applicants and all exiting shisha cafe owners have been notified of the ban and ordered to vacate their premises in accordance with the law, said Al Reyaysa.

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